Fishing Report for Lake Gaston – 3/20/12

Fishing Reports

Last night I was happy to discover several replies to a thread I started over at looking for advice on how to fish Lake Gaston. What made me more happy was the value of the fishing intelligence!

You’ve got to check out the entire thread but also pay attention to the map that one of the anglers quickly whipped up to illustrate where the fish are.

Lake Gaston, NC fishing routes

Lake Gaston, NC fishing routes thanks to "Vile" at

Lucky for us, these hot spots on the main lake are just south of where we will be staying on Pea Hill Creek.

Add to your fishing supply list:

  1. Green top/white belly and candy apple red senkos
  2. Yellow and white spinner baits
  3. Dark Senkos
  4. Rooster tails

Also, apparently the catfish on the lake get huge and their relatively easy to catch off the dock so bring your heavy tackle and stink bait if you have it.

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