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We received some inside information for next weekend’s tourny from our blogroll friends at East Tennessee Fishing. An angler who fishes South Holston sent the following info regarding bait colors and structure to use and look out for while on the water:

“As others said finesse worms in green pumpkin & smoke purple with 1/8 weights fished along main channel bluffs should get you some good post spawn smallies-throw it on 8 lb line or braid with a leader. Also, might want to try up the lake in the river with a white spinnerbait/ white blades 1/2 oz has produced some good bags. Fish any wood you see along the bluff walls, the smallies can be very finicky after they spawn.”

The key here is to use the finesse worm while fishing with the shakey head or Carolina rig because it floats. So while the jig head will put the bait on the bottom of the lake, the worm will float up inspiring bass to bite. The green pumpkin colored worm is really easy to find – smoke purple, not so much. Also the white spinner and buzz baits are pretty easy to get a hold of too, try those in the morning and evening.

Here’s more on structure:

“I did hear that there are some smallies & lm going on the bed up there though.”

So, there you have it. Bluff walls and over the grass beds – pretty textbook for an unconventional lake so let’s get after ’em.


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