Float N Fly Part 1: The Float

Float N Fly Rig

I just read a very detailed “how-to” on the float N fly technique, so detailed in fact than I’ll break it into a 4 part series featured here at BeermastersClassic.com. First, you can find the whole article at BassResource.com by East Tennessee fishing guide Mike Bucca. In Bucca’s write up, I can’t help but think he perfected his version of the technique on South Holston Lake as he mentions that he met and talked with the “father of the float N Fly,” Charlie Nukols, in a baitshop just east of Bristol, TN.

Simply, the float N fly is a 1/16 oz. feathered or haired jig with a 10-12 ft. leader of line under a bobber. The technique is fished in deep water on the edge of points, off shelves, over deep structure, or around deep docks. Preferred weather is described at terrible (much like our time on Lake Gaston) with cold outside temperatures keeping the water at 40-50 degrees. The trick is to suspend the jig just below the bait fish but above the suspended bass so that they swim up to bite it.

Hence the first challenge; noticing a bite.

If you do it right the bass should hit your jig as they swim up – in which case you won’t see the bobber sink so you need to rig the bobber so that it floats sideways. The jig’s weight will offset the bobber and pull it sideways so if you’re hit by a bass from above the bobber sinks but if you’re hit from below, the slack in the leader will let the bobber return to straight up and down so you know to set the hook. Cross its eyes!

Stay tuned for Float N Fly Part 2: The Fly

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