Float N Fly Part 3: Casting and Equipment

Fishing spinning reel

In Part 1 and Part 2 we talk about the rig needed to catch suspended bass in deep water. To recap, we need to suspend a bobber no less than 12 feet up the line so that you can hang your bait above the eyes of lethargic, trophy sized smallies. The bait needs to be a 1/16 oz. jig with bro-bright neon hair and it needs to be jigged ever so slightly allowing ample time for largemouths to investigate – hopefully with its mouth.

Now, let’s focus on getting this enormous set up in the water. Quickly, Mike Bucca suggests using a long, 9-10 ft. rod with a spinner reel but he doesn’t put too much emphasis on the rod or reel because it doesn’t make that much difference so don’t go out and get yourself a new set up just for this rig. In my opinion, it’s not worth it. Now, to launch this thing, you need to find a rock wall, gradual sloping ledge near a creek mouth or off the back side of an island, any underwater structure, etc. The BEST way to find this is with a topo map of the lake via your iphone app, Navitronics Marine&Lakes USA. Best $10 you’ll ever spend on an app.

Once you have your spot picked out you need an over head cast. Let your jig touch the water behind you and then focus on throwing the bobber. The jig is obviously too light to throw but the bobber has just the weight you need to get it out there. The rig will catch fish so it is not uncommon for you to have your bait at one depth and your boat mate to have his at another. Pay attention to the depth and once you find where the fish are, adjust and catch!

Finally, in the next installment, we’ll go into more detail on location and placement with Float N Fly Part 4: Bringing it all together.

See past posts in the series, Float N Fly Part 1: The Float and Float N Fly Part 2: The Fly.

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