Float N Fly Part 4: Bringing it all together

South Holston Lake topographical map

In Part 1 and Part 2 we learn the rig and lure, then in Part 3 we topically discuss your rod, reel, and cast. Now it’s time to bring it all together with some topo maps from Navitronics Marine&Lakes USA for points of interest on South Holston Lake.

I’ve mapped out a few seabeds, sharp ledge dropoffs, island chains, and flooded timber. In the first picture, you’ll see a red buoy – that’s near the rental house – to the far right is the first seabed which is in a cove littered with docks so it may be a good idea to pitch into those docks on the way into the cove. Moving to the right, the next pin is on a gradually sloping rock point which when you pitch your float n fly into the shore the jig will gently sink and buzz the contour of the floor making a great presentation. Also, both of these points on on natural rock shelves on the Cherokee National Forrest side of the lake.

South Holston Lake fishing points 1

South Holston Lake fishing points 1

The next point to the left is a sharp shelf over flooded timber so there is lots of natural structure and finally, the last point to the left is another seabed. The most southern point on this map, to the far right is another flooded timber area plus an island with a steep shore.

South Holston Lake fishing points 2

South Holston Lake fishing points 2

On the second half of the Tennessee side of the lake I have identified another rock pile in between some very extreme underwater topography making several channels for fish to get from one side of the lake to the other. This is the northern pin. Just below that pin there is a small chain of islands which again provide channels for fish to travel from one side of the lake to the next.

So we’ll see what happens! Water temps right now are between 50-52 degrees and perfect for the float n fly – get on it!

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