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Kentucky 2017

barren-river-lake-state-resort-park-10 The Beermaster’s Classic is entering it’s 9th year, having visited Georgia, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania. Each tournament along the way has held hardships and pitfalls for all; Franco’s bird nests, Jason’s loose knots, Donny’s tree snags, but each hangup was overcome. For Franco, Jason, and several others over the years, they have been able to bring home the coveted BMC Championship shirt — the prize for biggest bass caught on an artificial lure. Our first back-2-back champ was crowned last year when Jason took home the Pennsylvania title but, unfortunately, others have not been so lucky.

A new year is upon us, a new lake, in a new state — or should I say Commonwealth — as we visit Barren River Lake in the Blue Grass State of Kentucky. 90 minutes north of Nashville, this lake is nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian in, what has to be, one of the last dry counties in the country. No bother, we’ll make do. As eight men battle the lake for it’s prized Smallies, who will win in June? A veteran like Toby or Franco, or perhaps a darkhorse like Eddy or Mike who have been on a dry streak? Perhaps Jason goes for the three-peat or one of the rookies crack their nut — that would make things exciting for Dan and Mikey.

There is one angler however — an original fisher from when the Beermaster’s Classic was nothing more than an excuse to kick up a beer — who has quietly pined for a chance at the prized championship shirt. While you would never hear it from him, having traveled thousands of miles, spending thousands of dollars, chasing a shirt all across the eastern seaboard, for almost a decade has all but defeated him. A reclusive fellow, he lives for one thing now… to win the Beermaster’s Classic, take the Kentucky title, and don the nylon shirt. Can Rocky do it before Dan and Mikey?

Probably no.

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