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After perusing some of the fishing forums on South Holston it looks like the Alabama Rig is producing some results from the suspended smallmouth bass between 10-12 feet down with below 50 degree water.

Now, if you remember from our previous post on the Alabama Rig then you know this is a huge, heavy rig with 5 bait lures. In Tennessee it is ILLEGAL to have more than three hooks in the rig so you’ll need to either remove two of the lures or disable the hooks in two of the lures – I suggest the latter as you’re trying to mimic a small school of bait fish. Tournament winners on the lake the last two weekends are only using the A-rig, so you just need to find the depth at which they will strike. This technique should be fished in the middle of the day and if your arm gets sore from pitching this behemoth of a rig, switch it up to a Float N Fly or shakey head.

In the early morning and early evening you’ll want to go with the old faithful lures like buzzbaits, poppers, top waters, Carolina rigs, or crankbaits in colors like white, chartreuse, flicker shad, and green pumpkin.

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