Virginia Record Spotted Bass Caught on Alabama Rig

Alabama Rig from

This blew my mind.

I think many of us know what a Carolina or Texas Rig is, however today I caught a press release from the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries about a state record broken for the Spotted Bass.

Apparently the angler, Rod Kegley, hooked the monster 4 lb 7oz fish while fishing Claytor Lake last Saturday. And yes, I too thought “four pounds?” Turns out the former Virginia state record was only 3lbs 10oz so this fish isn’t the biggest in the pond. Kegley hooked this trophy bass on an Alabama Rig.

What the EFF is an Alabama Rig?

The Alabama Rig is the baddest fishing apparatus I have ever seen as it imitates a small school of fish swimming through the water. According to Bassmasters it’s perfect for luring those inactive, suspended bass fish to strike.

Needless to say, I’ll be busting out the Alabama Rig during the next Beermaster’s Classic fishing tournament at Lake Gaston.

Did I mention the Alabama Rig is illegal in Tennessee and Nebraska? Haters.

Interested in more state records? See our previous post on Arkansas’ latest record breaking bass.

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